Ready to help you manage another day.

With BOOQ BLUE™ you save valuable time and allow you to give your clients a lightning fast and professional booking and/or rental experience.

And the best of all? You can manage everything from the palm of your hands.

Compatible with:

Save time by automating your booking process.

With BOOQ BLUE™ you can save a tremendous amount of time AND give your customers/clients a super smooth experience.

BOOQ BLUE allows you to sync directly with Google Calendar

* For SMS Messages and WhatsApp Messages additional fees apply.

How? We channel them into one powerful online app.

We help you automate 90% to 100% of all that valuable and lost time. BOOQ BLUE acts as your digital personal assistant. An assistant that works 24/7, handles your agenda(s) and payments for you for only a fraction of the investment of an actual personal assistant.

Some of our growing features you have at hand.

Unlimited bookings & staff members

We care about your business growth, but we think your investment shouldn’t grow with that. We like to keep it simple. 

modern agenda management

BOOQ BLUE automatically manages your agenda. Sync with your Google Calendar Agenda with ease.


Automatically invoice everything that gets through BOOQ BLUE and email it directly to your client.

Unlimited Coupons and giftcards

Coupons and giftcards can come in very handy. With BOOQ BLUE you have all the freedom in the world to use them.

Real-time statistics & reports

To get the most out of your business BOOQ BLUE offers visual reports you can export to CSV for easy bookkeeping.

Offer a wide range of payment options

BOOQ BLUE offers an ever growing variety of payment options. You run your finances your way.

Manage multiple locations in one single system

Does your business have multiple locations? With BOOQ BLUE not an issue!

export sales to csv (excel file) for easy accounting

All your accountant needs is are your numbers. Get your numbers in ONE click.

You can now easily accept donations

Are you an NGO or are you dependent on donations? Look no further! 

Handle rentals and reservations

BOOQ BLUE can also be used as a full fledged rental and reservation system.

Have your taxes done like a pro!

Handle taxes like a Pro with BOOQ BLUE. Making accounting easy as it should.

Experience all features yourself

Why don’t have a look yourself!

Accept a wide variety of payment options

With BOOQ BLUE™, you can offer a smooth and convenient payment experience.

We strongly advise to use Mollie as your main payment client.

Welcome to your ALL-IN-ONE business solution!

BOOQ BLUE™ perfectly matches any service related business like a...

Hair Salon

How to reach maximum time-efficiency in your salon? With BOOQ BLUE We promise more revenue and happier clients.

Barber Shop

Whether your shop works on appointment or walk-ins, BOOQ BLUE is the only tool you need to manage that.

Beauty Salon

Never waste time with calls and lite cancellations anymore. BOOQ BLUE schedules treatments carefully and efficiently.

Personal Trainer

Be more flexible with your trainees and save time doing so. BOOQ BLUE let's your clients easily arrange recurring appointments.

Wellness Spa

Spa's are about wellness. What about more wellness for your employees? BOOQ BLUE allows for a zero-hassle administration.

Psychologist / Therapist

Time is valuable. Especially for those who need your professional help. BOOQ BLUE let's you optimise your and your client's time.

Medical & Health Service

We believe you medical service should be about helping others. BOOQ BLUE let's you focus on just that. We do the rest.

Rental Service

BOOQ BLUE is made for every service. Including rental companies of any kind. Ideal for long-term and short-term rentals.


Once in a life-time 2 year plan
$/€ 59
99* /month
  • We fix you a premium website
  • Fast hosting & email
  • Includes initial setup


Ready to do modern business
$/€ 29
99 /month
  • All-in-one System
  • Run-time Support
  • Embed on any website

Not just affordable.
It's always profitable.

We at BOOQ BLUE™ believe that a good investment should be profitable fast. So why not make it profitable right from the start?

There's no catch! Just enjoy all the tools that are available. Yes, we care about your efficiency that much.

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Google Calendar

If you sync your Google Calendar to BOOQ BLUE the system automatically read out your appointments in from your calendar. This way BOOQ BLUE can detect whether you are available or not.

Syncing works both ways. This means that new appointments on any side will be merged into one single agenda.

In order to achieve this you have to allow BOOQ BLUE to connect with your Google account through the STAFF tab in the admin panel.

You can sync one account per staff member.

Your journey
starts here.

From here you can check out if BOOQ BLUE meets your standards. You can check the customer panel and the BOOQ BLUE application.

All customer panel changes you do to BOOQ BLUE are visible in the customer panel after a refresh.

Multiple people are able to edit content at the same time.

The BOOQ BLUE system performs best on a laptop or tablet.

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Using other payments will give you the option at what interval you would like to receive your invoice. PayPal and Striped payments are collected monthly automatically.

No addtional costs are added for the invoice.

Let's send us you the login details.

We care about security. That’s why we need an extra step to confirm you are really interested. You will receive the details directly in you mailbox!

Help us by telling you what kind of business you do!

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